Ben + Cait || Engagement || Gunpowder Falls, MD

Shew.  These photos just make me want to jump for joy.  I have known Cait for only a year and a half and she is already such a huge part of my life.  We met on Instagram and found that we only lived about a half an hour away from each other. Through photographing her for the first time I invited her to church and she quickly became part of the family.  And eventually... fell in love with another man involved in the church, Ben!  Their story and testimonies are absolutely beautiful and inspiring.  I cannot wait to see them change the world together.  So honored to have photographed their engagement photos and to be in their wedding.

A little back story: We travelled 2.5 hours away to Gunpowder falls to shoot their engagement photos. The forecast said no rain. As SOON as we were done shooting, (still having about a half an hour hike/walk back to the car) the heavens opened up and it POURED ITS BUTT OFF.  But the cool thing was, we weren't even mad. :)